Mary Lanning Healthcare Will Be Hosting a Job Fair on Friday; Career Cruise

HASTINGS – Mary Lanning Healthcare will be hosting a Job Fair on Friday called a Career Cruise. It will happen from 11am to 2pm on the east side of Mary Lanning Healthcare under the visitors entrance canopy. They’ll have information on different job openings and people will be able to do interviews on site.

There will also be a chance to meet the heads of the departments that are hiring. People will still have to fill out the online application. Danielle Hultmann, from the HR department at Mary Lanning Healthcare, says that they have a lot of openings. 

They vary. We have openings in housekeeping, nutrition services, nursing, respiratory. You have to consider the lab. There’s billing, there’s coding, there’s the finance department. There’s HR. You know, all those things that you’re not going to see in maybe your normal stay at a hospital. So there’s engineering, like I said nutritional services, environmental services. So there’s lots of options out there. 

There is no registration required for the job fair but more information can be found at

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