May 12 Primary Will Go Ahead As Planned


LINCOLN – Despite the coronavirus pandemic the statewide primary election will still be held on May 12. The Secretary of State, Robert Evnen, says that they are encouraging people to request an early voting ballot but polling sites will remain open. Secretary Evnen said that it is easy to vote early by mail. 

About 25 percent of our voters statewide, in a typical election, vote early by mail. We expect that we will have more mail in ballot requests for this May primary. And for this particular election we encourage it. You can request that a ballot be mailed to you early. We are a no excuse state, and what I mean by that is, you don’t need a reason to request a mail-in ballot. So we’re prepared to have a higher number in requests for early ballots. 

County election officials will respond to requests starting on April 6. Every county will have a drop box outside of every county office to drop off early ballots. The deadline for applying for mail in ballots is May 1. Although polling sites will be open, every site will have cleaning and disinfecting supplies and there will be protocols in place for separation and distancing. And every voter will have their own pen.

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