Mayor Corey Stutte Says Having More Time to Look at YRTC in Hastings is Important

HASTINGS – Mayor Corey Stutte says that the legislature voting to postpone the Youth Rehabilitation and Treatment Center move from Geneva to Hastings will allow more time for the city and the Department of Health and Human Services to develop a more comprehensive plan.

It was originally going to happen in October but the legislature voted to postpone the move until March of next year. Mayor Stutte said that they need to have a more holistic look at the Hastings Regional Center Campus in general.

What is this campus going to look like moving forward. We want to make sure that we are able to address some of our concerns out there. Obviously there is going to be some demolition that will be scheduled. They’ve rebuilt these, what were supposed to be for the chemical dependency program, new buildings and we just want to have a clear understanding of what that campus looks like, what it should look like. 


He also wants the state to have a larger conversation about mental health and incarceration. He says that those two things are two of the biggest unfunded mandates that local governments have.

He had a meeting with Dannette Smith, the CEO of DHHS, on Tuesday and he outlined a series of questions and concerns about the YRTC move to Hastings. 

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