Mayor Corey Stutte Says He Doesn’t Want a Tax Increase Because of the Old Viaduct

HASTINGS – The City of Hastings received the results of the second opinion about the Old Viaduct at Monday’s City Council Meeting and the results were that the viaduct would need to be replaced and could not be repaired.

The demolition would approximately cost $1.5 million dollars and the demolition and replacement would cost approximately $7.5 million dollars. These estimates do not include the fees the railroad would apply for having to shut down the railroad. The demolition would take about two weeks and the replacement would take about 90-120 days.

Mayor Corey Stutte says this will have tax implications. 

If people vote for repair or replacement of this bridge, it’ll raise their taxes and I just want people to understand that. This is something that I’m certainly not in favor of, raising taxes. With the way that this structure is currently sitting, it’s just not a good project for us to go into. 

The city does have enough reserves to pay for the demolition but not enough for a full replacement. He said the city is already committed to about $12 million in other road projects ,with the state and local projects, so adding another large scale project would be tough.

The city has to have ballot language ready for the November election by September 1st.

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