Mayor Corey Stutte Wants People to Do All They Can to Prevent Spread of the Coronavirus

HASTINGS – It was announced that the City of Hastings has closed down the Library, the Museum, and the Community Center. They did this in conjunction with the local school districts closing down to try and curtail the spread of the coronavirus. Mayor Corey Stutte says people should do all they can to try and prevent the spread of the coronavirus.

I would encourage people to practice this social distancing. Make sure that they are being smart. And if they don’t need to go, not go out. What we really want to do is prevent the spread of this virus. It will, obviously, impact our economy more if there is a larger outbreak in the future. We just want to make sure we can keep this as contained as possible moving forward. 

City Council meetings will continue as planned but Mayor Stutte said not to come unless there is something that specifically affects you. State statutes do not allow them to vote virtual or without it being open to the public.

You can watch the meeting on HPAC TV and and he encouraged people to do that instead of coming to the meetings. Mayor Stutte urged everyone to stay home unless they need to leave the house. He also wanted to say that is a great source of information in relation to the coronavirus.

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