Mary Lanning Healthcare Offering Drive-Through Test Collection Starting Monday

HASTINGS — Mary Lanning Healthcare is pleased to announce drive-through COVID-19 test collection for individuals who have a physician’s order beginning Monday at 1 p.m. 

Terri Brown, MLH Laboratory Services Director, said the drive-through collection station will be open from 1-4 p.m. at the MLH East Entrance. Those who have been told to get a test can enter the MLH campus off North Kansas Avenue and follow the signs and directions. Testing will be available Monday through Friday until further notice. 

Brown said the testing is available to those over age 16 who have been directed to the site by a physician or healthcare provider or South Heartland District Health Department (SHDHD). Healthcare providers will be referring patients to the testing. No one can show up at the testing site without being placed on the testing list by a provider. A photo ID is required. 

Priority for testing is being given to at-risk patients, including healthcare workers, public safety/first responders/ nursing/group home staff, those over age 65 and those with underlying health conditions. 

“Patients should first have contacted their primary care provider or SHDHD to discuss symptoms and the possibility of exposure,” Brown said. The primary care provider or SHDHD will make a decision on whether a test is needed/warranted. 

Brown said the lab worked with several MLH officials — including the chief medical officer, infec- tion control specialist and infectious disease physician — in order to set up a collection process that meets with state and federal guidelines yet is quick and easy for all. 

A set of instructions was created to help protect the patients and the staff who will be working the testing station. 

Test results should be done in about five days. The primary care provider or SHDHD will call the patient with results, Brown said. Patients should not call the MLH Lab for results. 

“We want to make this process as easy as possible for patients,” Brown said. 

715 N. St. Joseph Avenue | Hastings, NE 68901 | 402-463-4521 | 


Instructions for using the MLH drive-through testing station 

  1. Drive to the MLH campus, entering from North Kansas Avenue and driving toward 

the East Entrance pictured above. 2. Please have your driver’s license ready to display at the checkpoint. 3. Enter the drive, following signage. 4. Stop at the first checkpoint. Keep your windows up. 5. Display your photo ID through the window to checkpoint staff. 6. When instructed, pull through the drive to the test collection site under the 

east Visitor Entrance canopy. 7. Stop at the collection site under the canopy. Keep your windows up. 8. Display your photo ID through the window for test collection staff. 9. When instructed, roll your window down for verbal identification, birthdate verification 

and test collection. 10. After collection, roll up your window and exit the collection site as directed. 11. The patient will be notified of test results by his or her primary care provider or 

South Heartland District Health Department. 12. If your symptoms worsen or you have questions, please contact your primary care 

provider. If you become extremely ill, go to the Emergency Department immediately.

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