Morrison Cancer Center Set to Open in Grand Island

HASTINGS – The Morrison Cancer Center is expanding with a full-service cancer center on the  campus of Grand Island Regional Medical Center in Grand Island. 

The 15,000-square foot Morrison Cancer Center – Grand Island is expected to open in late summer  2021. Dr. M. Sitki Copur is the medical director.  

Dr. Copur has been seeing patients for consultation and follow-up at the Central Nebraska Specialty  Clinic. The new center means cancer patients won’t need to travel to Hastings for treatment and  other services. 

Located in the Prairie Commons Medical Office Building, the Morrison Cancer Center – Grand Island  will offer new patient consults and follow-ups plus chemotherapy, biologic therapy, immunotherapy,  radiation therapy, PET/CT imaging, lab services and a state-of-the-art infusion center for administra tion of fluids and blood products. 

Dr. Copur attributes the opening to the success of the MCC team in serving both Hastings and Grand  Island thus far. 

“With our academic/community-based approach and 24/7 inpatient/outpatient, comprehensive  and passionate care, we have accomplished our goal of providing excellent service to the central  Nebraska population,” Dr. Copur said. 

Ryan D. Crouch, DO, Grand Island Regional Medical Center Chief Medical Officer, said the Morrison  Cancer Center, under the medical direction of Dr. Copur, was chosen from among several respected  programs statewide that wanted to locate at GIRMC.  

“We were looking for a program that was known for quality care, cutting-edge technology and a  program that understands our culture in central Nebraska,” Crouch said. “We found that this cancer  care system already existed in our own back yard (Hastings’ Morrison Cancer Center).” 

“In addition to their great reputation and service to the people of south central Nebraska, this  cancer care program is comprehensive and allowed us to bring Dr. Copur back to the cancer  community in Grand Island,” Dr. Crouch said. “Dr. Copur is a tireless leader in the field of oncology and  he has dedicated his life to ‘killing and defeating’ cancer. We feel that his dedication and passion,  supported by the good people of the Morrison Cancer Center, will strengthen the already robust  cancer care provided to the people of Grand Island and the central Nebraska region.” 

Watch for more details to come about the opening of the Morrison Cancer Center – Grand Island.

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