National Preparedness Month Wrapping Up; Steps to Take Before September is Over

HASTINGS – September is National Preparedness month and with the month wrapping up, emergency officials are saying now is a good time to get prepared. Ron Pughes, the Adams County Emergency Director, offered some tips and ideas to help people be prepared for any disaster or emergency that may happen.

The main points of being prepared include, making a plan, building an emergency kit, preparing for disasters, and teaching youth about preparedness. Making a plan for what you will do when an emergency or disaster happens but so is practicing that plan. Pughes talks about what people should include in their emergency kits. 

Don’t forget your pets when you’re doing it too. You may need some pet food or stuff like that. But fresh water in there. Food. Check your canned goods, make sure they’re not dented or have become damaged or outdated. Just make sure if you’ve gotten anything that’s battery operated, like flashlights or anything like that, make sure the batteries are still good and usable. So September is the perfect month to go through your emergency kit. You know, a lot of these things you can get inexpensively at some of these discount stores to restock your kit. 

Preparing for disasters also includes checking  your insurance policies and coverage for the hazards you may face, such as floods, earthquakes and tornadoes. And it is very important for people to involve their kids in the plans and practicing and it’s also important to teach youth about being prepared for a disaster.

More tips and information can be found at Ready.Gov/September.

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