National Weather Service in Hastings Gives Fall Outlook

HASTINGS – Early on in the Fall we have seen up and down weather and Mike Moritz, the Warning Coordination Meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Hastings, says we can expect more up and down throughout the Fall months.

He said that August was one of the wettest months in history out of any month and September was in the top 5 for warmest Septembers. We are starting to head into our cool period. He says we can expect up and down for the month of October. 

So if we look at it in a three month time frame from October through December, say mid December. The forecast is for warmer than normal temperatures and above normal precipitation. The precipitation is primarily here in the Central Plains. And I think one of the things that actually is impacting is how wet the year has been. We’ve seen such a wet year in the northern and central plains. The ground remains wet, even with our warmer, drier weather recently. That a lot of times it just takes a while to get out of the wet weather pattern.

There is still a chance for some floods with heavy rains and the ground still being somewhat saturated. Although we shouldn’t see anything as bad as there was in March and mid-summer.

Moritz went on to say that 2019 has been a unique and impactful year for weather but going into winter should be normal for Nebraska.

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