National Weather Service in Hastings Will Make Improvements to Radar; Will Need to Be Closed Down

HASTINGS – The National Weather Service in Hastings will be making improvements to it’s Radar Tower by Blue Hill at the end of this month to increase it longevity and effectiveness.

It is called a service life extension project and it will start in late October and lasts until mid November. This also means their radar will be down for a couple of weeks while the improvements are being made.

Mike Moritz, warning coordination meteorologist for the NWS, says that it shouldn’t affect their ability to issue watches and warnings. 

You know and the other thing is while we do get severe weather in the fall, and I think we all should be ready for that in case it happens. It’s typically not the most active time of the year, so that’s another good thing about this happening in late October through mid November. 

They will also be using surrounding radars to issue those warnings and watches. They hope to livestream and timelapse some of the construction and share it on their social media pages.

The radar has been in operation since 1993 and it needs some new hardware, although it is in great shape. If you use an app that uses that radar, it will not be available, other wise you shouldn’t notice a difference in weather coverage as construction happens.

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