National Weather Service Wants People to Be Prepared With Severe Weather Awareness Week

HASTINGS – With Severe Weather Awareness week wrapping up, the National Weather Service wants everyone to be prepared for potential severe weather this spring. Being prepared for a natural disaster can prepare you for a lot of different things, not just severe weather.

They say to have at least 3 days of food and water in the storm shelter just in case. Mike Moritz, with the National Weather Service in Hastings, says that if you don’t have a storm shelter, there are other options.

To get as low as you can, get as many walls around you as possible, and avoid windows. Even if you don’t have a basement, applying these principles gives you a lot better chance to come out of a serious situation, at least, less hurt. Also, if you’re in a mobile home, there is no safe place to be, you do need to get to a storm shelter. If you’re in a public place, such as a shopping center, or something like that, or a school, those places have a plan for you. 

If severe weather is going to happen, the National Weather Service will send out an alert, automatically, to your cell phone. Moritz also said that having a plan is good, but practicing that plan is even better.

The National Weather Service doesn’t want people to be worried or panic, but to be ready for the chance of severe weather. More information about being prepared can be found at their website

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