Nebraska Department of Correction Services Says Prison Capacity is at 151 Percent; Says There is a Need for a New Prison

LINCOLN – Scott Frakes, Director of the Nebraska Department of Correctional Services, held a press conference today to talk about the prison capacity in the state of Nebraska. Currently they are at 151 percent of capacity.

In 2015, the state legislature passed a bill that required the department to be below 140 percent by 2020. Director Frakes said that they have been above 140 percent since 2009. He said that Nebraska needs a new prison and they have already sent out a request for information about it.

This will help to inform the process of identifying the type of facility that will be needed, where it can be located, the potential cost, and funding options. In order to give taxpayers the best value for their dollars, we need to build for the future. A properly located facility that will allow for expansion to meet mid range and long term needs.

Rosalyn Cotton, chairperson of the Nebraska Board of Parole, says they will speed up the parole process to get more people out of Nebraska prisons.

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