Nebraska Sports Council 2021 WellPower Challenge Looks to Improve Both Physical and Mental Health 

LINCOLN – The Nebraska Sports Council is doing their 2021 WellPower challenge and they are trying to improve both physical and mental health for Nebraskans. The new web based challenge will offer virtual badges and actual prizes for achieving and logging healthy activities, both physical and mental.

The challenge will begin on February 1st and continue until April 30. Dave Mlnarik, the Executive Director of the Nebraska Sports Council, says that mental health is just as important for this challenge. 

For the first time really in our history of doing activity tracking we’re including mental wellness aspects because they are so important to keeping people motivated and on track in all areas of their lives. So you know, meditation, attending some kind of group activity where you can build up your mind and your willpower are all a part of the program and things you can earn points for. 

The main goal of the WellPower Challenge is to log at least 100 activity miles between Feb. 1 and Apr. 30. Activity miles can be achieved by walking, running, biking and/or converting other physical and mental health activities. Those who accomplish 100 miles by April 30 earn the WellPower 100 badge and are automatically entered into a drawing for more than 100 top-tier prizes, including bikes, kayaks, active-apparel items and gift cards.

There are also company prizes, and the WellPower Movement provides the ability to create and manage a group for employees and their families. To take the challenge, anyone can log physical and mental activity on a personal dashboard they establish for free at

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