Nebraska State Fair up in the Air; Decision Will Be Made Before July 1

GRAND ISLAND – Earlier this week, the Iowa State Fair was cancelled for the first time since World War II. It has led to people asking more about the Nebraska State Fair. State Fair Board Member Jeremy Jensen said on twitter that there has been no official decision on the fair this year.

They discussed the topic at today’s board meeting. Jaimie Parr, the Interim Director of the Fair, said that they’ve been in constant discussions about the fair.

We’ve been working with Nebraska 4H and FFA. The Central District Health Department. The Grand Island Mayor’s office. Beth has been communicating with the Governor’s office and the city attorney. We have participated in webinars produced by the IEFE about hybrid fairs as well as our zone 5 partners in our five state region, talking about what they’re doing at their fairs. And what they see coming up. We’ve also visited with a number of state fair partners. 

They have also been speaking to vendors and entertainment about what the fair might look like. A vast majority of vendors are willing to participate. An official decision will be made before July 1.

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