Nebraska Workforce Retraining Initiative at CCC Still Available for Those Affected by COVID

HASTINGS – Central Community College partnered with the Nebraska Department of Labor and the Nebraska Department of Economic Development to offer the Nebraska Workforce Retraining Initiative. This initiative allows people who are unemployed or underemployed to apply for scholarships to be trained in skill sets that lead to employment in current and future high-demand careers.

The average scholarship will be approximately $1,100 and will be exclusively used to cover a portion of tuition and fees related to the specific eligible training. Dr. Jerry Wallace, the President of Central Community College in Hastings, says that they have 2000 spots available and around 500 people have signed up. 

They’re really short trainings. They could be anywhere from a month to a full semester. It depends on what you want to go into and what we have available. I know our business administration is full, to capacity. The business division added over 17 different classes just to fill this initiative and make sure that we can get people trained up. So it could be anything as quick as quickbooks or if you want to learn how to drywall and work in construction. We have the short term, as well as the long term. 

You must be a Nebraska resident and have a registered Social Security Number to sign up.

More information about the initiative and the sign up process is available at the schools website.

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