New Name and Structure for the Former Mary Lanning Healthcare Imaging Center

HASTINGS – A change in the structure of a local imaging center means patients will see a different  type of billing — one that could save them money on some procedures. 

The former Hastings Imaging Center will reopen under a new name, Hastings Medical Imaging, LLC,  on Monday, March 1. Formerly owned solely by Mary Lanning Healthcare, the imaging center had  been operated as a department of the hospital. 

Hastings Medical Imaging is a partnership between Mary Lanning Healthcare and area  physicians. As an independent diagnostic imaging center, Hastings Medical Imaging will be able to  follow a different rate structure. There are policies that mandate the billing structure of healthcare  organizations. 

“This is all an effort of Mary Lanning Healthcare and local providers to provide the best rates possible  for all patients,” said Mark Callahan, Chief Operating Officer. “Even though it means we only have a  share in the imaging, we know that healthcare costs tend to be high. We have been working on this  for some time now because we want patients to have options.” 

MLH, as a non-profit organization, is always working to improve quality, safety and costs for its patients  and their families, Callhan said. 

Mary Lanning Healthcare employees will continue to staff Hastings Medical Imaging and will provide  the same great service as always, Callahan said.  

The structural changes do not affect procedures performed at Mary Lanning Healthcare, the  Medical Park Diagnostic Center, Grand Island Mammography and Midwest Imaging.

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