North Vs South Food Fight Looking to Help Local Food Pantry

HASTINGS – The Hastings Downtown Center Association is doing a food drive called the North vs South Food Fight to help get some food to local food pantries. It has been a tough year for food pantries as they have seen demand for their services drastically since the pandemic began.

Tammy Orthmann, the Director of the Downtown Center Association, says that they are looking for monetary donations.

How we decided to do it was to split the downtown in half. North vs South and second street is the dividing line. And we are seeing who can collect the most money through donations. So you need to look for these big canisters that have a red and blue label on it that says they are participating in the food fight. After you make your purchase, or you can empty your wallet in the big container, and we’ll use that money to get food. 

The competition will go on until February 14.Once the competition is over Allen’s of Hastings will buy food for the South and Russ’ Market will buy the food for the North. They are able to buy in bulk and Orthmann says that will allow them to get more food for the local pantries.

You can go to for a complete list of businesses that are participating and what team they are on.

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