Linda K. Niederhaus, 72

- January 11, 2020

Hastings resident Linda Kae Niederhaus, 72, passed away Saturday, January 11, 2020, at
Mary Lanning Healthcare, Hastings, NE after a short battle with colon cancer.

Memorial Service is 1:30 p.m. Saturday, January 18, at Butler Volland Chapel in
Hastings with Alton Jackson officiating. Private family burial will be at a later date.
Memorials may be given to St. Judes. Book signing will be 9 a.m. – 5 p.m. Friday at the
funeral home. Private condolences may be sent to the family at
Livingston Butler Volland Funeral Home & Cremation Center is serving the family.

Linda graduated from Hastings High School, Hastings College and UNK with a Masters
in Fine Art. She taught 28 years for the Hastings Public Schools and retired in 2005 for
health reasons. Linda married Danny Dean Niederhaus July 2, 1967. They were together
for 54 1/2 years with 15 years spent in retirement together.

Linda and Danny met when she was 12 and he was 13, though they never dated at that
time. Linda did ask him to a Sadie Hawkins dance in high school but Danny had to
decline as he had to work that night until Midnight. He didn’t recall any of this, but his
sister-in-law did because she had to give Linda his phone number. She remembered
seeing Danny in November 1963 at the school when he visited in his Navy Dress Blues

Danny was discharged on Oct 21, 1966. Three days later, with no job, he saw her in
Allen’s working in hardware. A tall blonde (a surfer girl) wearing a blue-green sweater
and skirt with brown penny loafers. He could describe Linda’ s clothes and hairstyle when
they first met in 1958, a beautiful girl even then. He went back and started talking to her
and told her that he needed a hunting license and asked her out for that evening. She said
she didn’t know if she could do that. With people lining up he had to leave. Alton
Jackson, a friend, was there and asked if she had turned him down and Danny said no. He
went to Craig Hoff and asked if he could buy Craig a license. Back to the store, waiting
in line, he asked for another hunting license and went back to asking Linda out. After
completing the license, she said that she would think about it and Danny left. Alton, still
there said, “she turned you down” and Danny said not yet. Off he went to find another
friend, Rod Bunde, and back to Allen’s, still trying to get a date. Linda finally said yes
and to pick her up at 7pm. Alton, (he must have had a lot of time on his hands) said, “she
told you no”, and Danny said with a grin, “I pick her up at 7:00.” 3-4 months after they
began dating, they were shopping in town and Danny asked if she wanted to look at rings.
After looking at the rings, he asked which one she liked. Linda pointed to one and Danny
said we’ll take that one. Danny never asked her to marry him. 62 years after meeting
Linda, he had to write Linda’s obituary with a broken heart.

Linda taught Art for 14 years at the Middle School and 14 years at Hastings High School.
She retired early after being diagnosed with Lupus 10 years earlier. Linda especially
enjoyed the last two years of teaching when her daughter, Augusta joined the staff
teaching Chemistry She always said she missed the students and staff. She went back
once to do a demo in pottery class, but took 3 days to recover. Her formal teaching career
was over, except for passing her talents on to her grandchildren. Of course, they did quite
well, even if art wasn’t their favorite hobby. Linda spent may hours attending their many
activities and was so proud of their achievements on the courts, fields and in the

After Linda’s retirement, Danny also retired to be with her. They took some trips, but it
was hard on her and the trips ended. She loved her garden and it was full of flowers. She
spent a lot of time on the deck drawing, painting, and then swimming. She was already
planning what she wanted to plant this spring.

At the hospital, it took 17 hours for her to pass, all the time in unbearable pain which the
hospital could not ease. With her family gathered round, including many of the hospital
staff who cared for her, and after Danny had given her a last kiss and whispered in her ear
how much he loved her and would miss her, Linda could still hear and squeezed his hand.
Linda took a deep labored breath, one softer breath, and a short soft breath, and then went
home to her parents and God.

Linda left so many friends and loved ones. She was preceded in death by her parents
Cecil and Adeline Knephoff. She is survived by her husband Danny Dean Niederhaus;
her two daughters, Dr. Alexandria Michelle Schreiner and spouse Jason Schreiner,
Augusta Danielle Beahm and spouse Travis Beahm. Five grandchildren, Cecilia Danielle
Beahm, Cooper Allen Beahm, Henry Thomas Schreiner, Etta Katherine Schreiner, and
Harrison Alexander Schreiner.

Danny said a prayer later and said Heaven is a better place now. Beautiful, gracious,
caring, full of love with always a soft voice, Linda will be missed.