One and Six Year Plan to Bring Improvements to Hastings Roads

HASTINGS – The Hastings City Council recently approved the One and Six Year Plan to bring some street improvements to Hastings. They approve it every year and it prioritizes the improvements of streets and they have a 75 million dollar need for improvements.

A lot of it will involve maintenance and the Highway 6 West project from Elm Avenue West as well as from the Burlington Northern Railroad, south on Burlington Avenue. Mayor Corey Stutte said they are hoping to have the quiet crossings go out for bid next year. 

Hopefully the construction will start next year. That is all dependent upon the railroad and contractor availability. But our goal is to have the quiet crossing construction next year. With the understanding that, due to that availability and working with the railroad, it might bleed over into next year or next fiscal year. Hoping for the best, for it to be completed next year. That really focuses on Elm Street to Lincoln Avenue, so that’ll be a big part of the community, right along the Burlington Northern Railroad, that will hopefully be a quiet crossing in the future. 

Some of the street improvements will be happening on 14th Street from North Saunders Avenue to North Burlington Avenue, 14th Street, from North Hastings Avenue to E Side Boulevard; 7th Street, from North Chestnut Avenue to North Oswego Avenue; Crane Avenue, from West Fifth Street to West 7th Street and more.

There will also be sidewalk and curb ramp repair going on in Downtown Hastings.

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