One Month Left to Donate to Walk to End Alzheimer’s

HASTINGS – The Walk to End Alzheimer’s that happened in the tri cities earlier this year were a success but all three came in underneath their fundraising goals. There is a little over a month to donate to those totals.

In Hastings, the goal was $33,000 and just over $23,000 was raised. The goal for Kearney was $62,000 and over $55,000 was raised. And then in Grand Island $27,000 was raised and the goal there is $50,000.

Cassie Bailey, the walk coordinator for the Walk to End Alzheimer’s, says that even though those walks haven’t reached their goals, they are hopeful they can still hit those goals.

We’ve got some team fundraising efforts that are still happening. A lot of people will do things around the holidays to honor their loved one. Whether that be fundraising with family, doing fun raffles within their companies, or even just making a donation in honor of a loved one that they’ve lost is a really powerful way to make that difference and that impact. So we are fundraising up until the December 15th deadline.

The money raised will go to research to fight against Alzheimer’s. They could always use new volunteers heading into the 2020 walk season.

There are many different types of opportunities and Bailey said there is a job for everybody. Whether it be going out and about and talking about the Alzheimer’s Association or doing more behind the scenes stuff.

The best place to find out about upcoming fundraisers, volunteer opportunities, and to donate, is

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