Pfizer Vaccines Arrive in the Tri-Cities

GRAND ISLAND – Coronavirus vaccines arrived in Grand Island and Kearney yesterday. CHI Health St. Francis received 975 doses of the Pfizer vaccine. The first front line workers stood in line to get the shot after months of waiting. Only 245 doses were kept at St. Francis and the rest were shipped off to other hospitals in the Tri-Cities. There is a careful process to keep the vaccine cold and properly prepared for injection. Pharmacists said they are following the rules closely and seeing the vials up close is a historic moment. About 60 staff members from different units were vaccinated yesterday. The ultra-low freezers can only be opened twice a day so another 100 will be given today.

The Kearney Regional Medical Center got a delivery of 195 vaccine doses around yesterday. Within about an hour five of their doctors were already vaccinated. The hospital has until Saturday to give out all 195 doses that were delivered. It is optional, but highly encouraged for all staff members. Since there’s only a limited number of vaccines so far, they will be prioritized by who is at highest risk.

The Mary Lanning Healthcare Chief Medical Officer stepped up yesterday as the first to receive the coronavirus vaccination at Mary Lanning. Dr. Abel Luksan rolled up his sleeve and received the vaccination as several other frontline workers cheered him on. The Pfizer vaccine was the first given at the hospital. Dr Luksan, and those in line after him, all work with coronavirus patients.

Earlier yesterday, Pharmacy Director Debra Lee welcomed Michele Bever, the Executive Director of the South Heartland District Health Department, as she brought the first of the vaccines to the hospital. The doses were delivered as the first round of vaccinations. Details are not yet available as when the next allocation of vaccines will be received but officials plan to continue vaccinating healthcare workers as supplies become available.

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