Priority Medical to Help with Medical Transportation in Hastings

HASTINGS – Priority Medical, out of North Platte, recently partnered with Mary Lanning Healthcare to offer ground transport to and from Mary Lanning Healthcare. Their main priority is to transport people from Mary Lanning to a different hospital that may offer a higher level of care for their situation.

Hastings Fire and Rescue will continue to provide emergency transports within town but Priority Medical can help with that if there is high call volume. Phil Oelschlager, the base operator for Priority Medical in Hastings, says that they can provide ICU care on the road.

We’re able to manage patients on multiple IV drips, ventilators for breathing assistance. Anything they can do in the ICU we are able to manage on the road. One of the goals in working with Mary Lanning is the need for transferring NICU and OB patients locally. And being able to provide expanded transports for them, working with the NICU staff and the OB staff and being able to transport those patients to wherever they need to be as well. 

They currently have two crews with advanced life support capabilities. There are five people on each shift, two paramedics and three EMTs so they are able to operate and maintain two advanced life support ambulances.

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