Property Valuation Increases in Hastings Explained by Adams County Assessor

HASTINGS – Property valuations have been mailed out and many people will see that their valuations have increased since last year.

Jackie Russell, the Adams County Assessor, says that the recent value changes are all reflected in the land value. She says the land value should be the bulk of your valuation change.

Russell says there is a little bit of confusion when it comes to property taxes and land valuations and what assessors do.

Russell also mentioned that a common misconception when property valuation changes go out is that if, for example, your value went up $10,000, that doesn’t mean you’re going to pay $10,000 in taxes. She says you need to take that difference and multiply it by the levy that’s appropriate for your property to find the taxing difference.

LB 512 could have an effect on assessments for properties that suffered significant damage that happened after January 1st but before July 1st. For more information you can check out

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