Railroad Quiet Zone Being Stalled by Absence of Burlington Northern Railroad

HASTINGS – City Officials, the Federal Railroad Association and the Nebraska Department of Transportation conducted a diagnostic review of the railroads in Hastings on Thursday but one group was noticeably absent, Burlington Northern Railroad.

They toured each intersection and discussed what treatments should be put there for the railroad quiet zone. Mayor Corey Stutte says Burlington Northern Railroad not being there slows down the process.

I think that this is going to take a little bit longer than we were hoping for. After this diagnostic review, we’ll move into a notice of intent, is what it’s called, for us to put into place a quiet zone. And so then we’ll have some time for them to comment on that, and that’ll be about sixty days. But we know this is going to be a difficult process dealing with them. Once again, I really wish they would have been able to come out to this. Unfortunately they refused and we kind of are where we are.

Stutte said they will have to come to the table eventually in order for the city to get things done with the quiet zone. At the diagnostic review they looked at safety concerns and how plans might change with the potential for two way streets in downtown Hastings.

The city is also currently looking at the costs of the quiet zone which is estimated to be between $2.4 and $3.6 million.

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