Red Cross Experiencing Emergency Blood Shortage

LINCOLN – The American Red Cross is experiencing an emergency blood shortage. A sharp drop in blood donor turnout has contributed to the lowest post summer blood inventory level in six years.

Donors of all types, especially type O, are urged to make an appointment to give as soon as possible and in the weeks ahead to help meet the needs of hospitals and patients this fall. Emily Holley, of the American Red Cross, says that the low supply is due to many factors. 

And so there just isn’t as high of a turnout to come and give blood and that’s normal for the Summer time. However, about this time of year that’s usually when donations increase and what we have found is that blood donor turnout has decreased by about ten percent as the COVID-19 cases began to spike in August. 

Hospitals are also in high demand for blood as well. People can find a blood drive near them by going to, calling 1-800-RED-CROSS, or by downloading the Red Cross Blood Donor App.

People who donate this month will get a free five dollar gift card to a merchant of their choice.

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