Registration Open Now for Whoopers and Hoopers

HASTINGS – With Whoopers and Hoopers right around the corner on March 15-17, registration is open for teams wanting to participate.

Mikki Shafer, the President of the Hastings Area Chamber of Commerce, wants people to know that there is a division for everyone of any skill level.

So we have 5 mens divisions, we have the elite division, obviously for the ones that have played college ball, and then it goes from mens B to C, D1, D2. And then last year we added a new division, mens 40 and plus. We also have women’s divisions as well so the women’s elite, women’s B, and women’s C. So we don’t have as many, but we are growing.

If you want to register you will need to have at least five players already on the team.

If you would like to register you can call the chamber office at 402-461-8400 or fill out the registration form at The deadline to register is March 8th at 5:00pm.

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