Revive Ministries, Horizon Recovery and Counseling Center and the Forge Christian Church Teaming Up For Facebook Live Event Regarding Mental Illness and Addiction

HASTINGS – Revive Ministries, Horizon Recovery and Counseling Center is teaming up with the Forge Christian Church in Hastings for a Facebook Live event regarding mental illness and addiction in this time of isolation.

It will be tonight at 6:30pm on the Forge Christian Church Facebook page. The event is free and open to anyone who wants to watch it. Pastor Willie from Forge Christian Church says that they felt this was an important thing to do for the community. 

With a lot of the statistics that we are seeing with the quarantine, and the rise in addiction and suicide and just a lot of mental health issues. We feel that it’s really important right now to get out in front and give people a chance to hear some truth from a licensed professional. And be able to, maybe, field some questions and direct people into some places where they can get some help. 

They will be offering resources for mental health and addictions resources for those struggling with that. They will also have a licensed counselor on hand.

They will be taking questions as well, either on the livestream itself or via phone. More information and resources can also be found at

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