Ricketts Issues Executive Order to Loosen Unemployment Insurance Eligibility Requirements  

Nebraska Governor Pete Ricketts

LINCOLN – Governor Pete Ricketts issued an executive order to permit the loosening of eligibility requirements for unemployment insurance benefits. In line with federal guidance, Governor Ricketts is allowing the Nebraska Department of Labor to waive the following requirements for claims filed between March 22 and May 2.

This timeframe will be evaluated as the situation with the coronavirus  progresses. They will be changing the work search requirement. While many job search efforts are conducted online, waiving the requirement to search for work is in line with the social distancing practices that are needed to limit the spread of the coronavirus and potential exposure to the disease. The change will also accommodate those workers who are temporarily impacted by the virus, including those who are in an unpaid status due to a shutdown, quarantine, or because they are caring for a family member due to illness or a facility closure.

The Unpaid Waiting Week will change to make the first week of eligibility payable rather than an unpaid waiting week and will help all unemployment recipients get their payments sooner. Unemployment benefits are typically paid with contributions from employers.

NDOL will temporarily waive charges incurred by employers whose team members are filing claims related to the coronavirus. Nebraska has a healthy Trust Fund that will be utilized to pay for unemployment benefits tied to the virus. The Department of Labor will continue to look at ways to streamline the process of filing for and receiving unemployment insurance benefits.

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