Salvation Army Helping Those in Need

HASTINGS – With the recent floods in Nebraska, the Salvation Army has been busy helping those in need. The Hastings Salvation Army was sent to the Waterloo, Valley, and Elkhorn area in Eastern Nebraska.

Major Dale Brandenberg of the Hastings Salvation Army says they got a lot done there.

We delivered 100 cases of water down to a jail. They had no drinking water, they didn’t have anything. So we took a bunch of water down to the jail to give them for the inmates and for the people that work there. It was a busy two weeks. Out of the unit that lives here in Hastings, it’s still over there, it’s still serving. But I came home after a 15 day deployment. We did just a little over 800 meals in a two week period out of that unit. And so, the people of Hastings can be proud.

Major Brandenberg says that the work is still far from over.

The immediate need is taken care of but now comes the long term. When you have a flood you have the long term. You have to put new drywall, you got to dry your house out, you got to get new furniture. You know, all that good kind of stuff.

He says they will now be heading into the areas that are almost completely underwater where a flood plain has been declared and people won’t be able to move back in anytime soon.

If you would like to support the Hastings Salvation Army with their efforts you can head over to, donate and designate the money for flood relief.

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