Senator Dan Quick Introduces Bill To Make Vaping Age 21

Sen. Dan Quick

LINCOLN – Senator Dan Quick, of Grand Island, is working on a bill that would increase the vaping age from 18 to 21.

He has been working with Lisa Albers, board member for the Grand Island Public School Board, on this bill and its wording.

Senator Quick says that vaping has become a problem for schools.

We’re seeing it all the way down at the middle schools. I was actually called, right after I introduced that bill, by Grand Island Central Catholic, the superintendent there, and he said that they have actually taken away the right for kids to have a flash drive in school because the device, Juul, looks like a flash drive.

Quick says that he is also working with the tobacco industry and he says there is a possibility they attempt to raise the age of smoking to 21 as well.

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