Senator Hallaron Talks About Finishing the Legislative Session; Budget, Bills, and Taxes

LINCOLN – The Nebraska Legislature will wrap up its 2020 session starting on July 20. There are 17 days left in the session. State Senator Steve Halloran says that they are going to be very concentrated days because they have a lot of bills that are remaining on the table.

We don’t have a great handle on how COVID-19 is going to impact the state budget. Cleary it’s impacting individual budgets, individual business budgets. So, is that going to reduce the availability of income tax, sales tax, to the state? So we’re hoping for some updated information by the time we reconvene. And we’ll see how that goes but it’s going to hang over the legislature on how much this has impacted the revenue. 

The three issues that will be discussed about the most are the property tax bill, the University of Nebraska Medical Center, and the business incentive bill. And Senator Halloran says those are about 300 million dollars a piece, approximately.

He also said, historically, property taxes take a back seat to everything and will probably again this year. But he thinks that the property tax bill has enough votes to get through the legislative session.

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