September is National Preparedness Month; Tips on Being Prepared for Disasters

HASTINGS – September is National Preparedness Month and Adams County Emergency Management is telling everyone to be prepared for whatever mother nature may throw our way. From flooding, drought fires, pandemics, snow storms, tornadoes, wind, and hail, it’s important to be prepared for any natural disaster that may hit.

Ron Pughes, the Adams County Emergency Management Director, says that people should know their escape routes, have meeting places outside of the home, have phone contact lists, keep a fully stocked emergency kit handy at home and in the car, have a plan for animals and pets, and stay up to date on potential threats and hazards that may occur. He also says its important to practice these plans, like a fire drill.

You have to practice it. You can talk about it all day long. When the chaos erupts the normal sensible thing kind of goes away and you’re kind of in a panic mode. So if you haven’t practiced it and it doesn’t come second nature to you, you’ve really done a disservice to yourself and your family. You really have to have everybody on board. People have to remember this is an emergency response. It’s not going to be calm and everybody gets up; it’s going to be panic stricken and scary. The way to overcome that is practice and have games down there and tell children what to expect. And realize that it’s a safety measure and move forward from there. 

He also suggests that people sign up for Adams County Emergency Alert Notifications on their phone. They will also be offering tips on their twitter page throughout September. If anyone wants more information they can contact Adams County Emergency Management at 402-461-2360.

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