Severe Weather Awareness Week is a Good Time to Make an Emergency Kit

HASTINGS – As Severe Weather Awareness Week wraps up, Ron Pughes, the Adams County Emergency Management Director, says that now is a good time to make sure you have everything you need in an emergency kit.

You never know when severe weather might strike and you might need to hunker down for an extended period of time. Pughes says there are plenty of items to remember to put into your emergency kit. 

Phone chargers, some snacks, some water, some games for the kids to make them comfortable if they’re downstairs. You know, a deck of cards. A whistle. If you become trapped so you need to succumb to calling for help, you can use a sports whistle. Make sure you have an extra pair of shoes. A lot of the times you go down into the basement in the middle of night something happens and then you’re left without shoes and socks. A flashlight of course is another great tool to have in there. A first aid kit in case you get hurt. Don’t forget about your pets. 

You should also have that kit in your shelter area so you don’t have to search for it if the need arises. A good shelter place is in the basement or an inner room with no windows, like a bathroom.

Pughes says it’s also imperative to make and practice a plan in the case of severe weather.

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