Silver Lake Public Schools Bond Issue Passes

SILVER LAKE – Silver Lake Public Schools asked the public to approve a special school bond for $3.8 million to pay for the costs of demolishing the existing elementary school and to construct and furnish a new facility on the same site and it passed yesterday.

Josh Cumpston, the Superintendent for Silver Lake Public Schools, says that this new facility should give parents a better sense of safety and security for their children.

Today’s schools are being built a little differently than they did in 1924 with regards to keeping kids safe. So our entrances will be designed differently. There will be doors that people, when they do visit, will have to be buzzed in to and then they’ll have to come in to the office. And also, there’s going to be a storm shelter put in that can have all of our students and staff in case of severe weather or tornadoes.

The current building was built in 1924 and is a three story brick structure. The new facility would be one floor with classrooms, a kitchen and a commons area.

The construction will begin in April and they hope to have classes in that building by early September with the project being finished in the winter.

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