South Heartland District Health Department Wants People to Be More Wary of Mosquitoes

HASTINGS – The South Heartland District Health Department is encouraging people to be more precautious when it comes to protecting yourself from mosquitoes and their diseases. The main disease to be worried about is the West Nile Virus.

Jim Morgan and Michele Bever of the South Heartland District Health Department say that there has been more mosquito activity due to the weather being more wet and hot than normal.

They say to remember the four “Ds” while your outside. 

If you have a bird pool or something along those lines, drain them every five days to break the breeding cycle.

The West Nile Virus can be deadly but fatalities caused by the virus are rare. Symptoms vary and they can feel flu-like, but sometimes there are no symptoms.

Bever says if anything feels out of the norm, see a healthcare professional.

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