Southwest Power Pool Ends Emergency Alert

NEBRASKA – The Southwest Power Pool ended the emergency alert earlier this morning and is now in a period conservative operations until 10pm Saturday. With the weather starting to look up, the Nebraska Public Power District is saying they are hopeful that the rolling blackouts will not have to happen again, but they aren’t out of the woods yet.

Tom Kent, the President and CEO of the Nebraska Public Power District, says the situation is still tenuous and they are hoping the situation will fully improve by the weekend. He also responded to Governor Pete Ricketts calling the rolling blackouts unacceptable. 

I certainly agree that we believe it’s unacceptable. But it is a necessary step if the system gets out of balance. What would be utterly unacceptable would be if the utility industry was unable to manage and balance load and generation and we had a widespread uncontrolled blackout that impacted several states.

Kent also said that as of yesterday they have a very balanced resource mix and all of their plants are available and running. The Southwest Power Pool is not doing as well but is also improving slightly.

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