State of Nebraska Moves in to Yellow Phase of Hospitalizations; Restrictions Loosened

LINCOLN – After being in the Orange Phase and close to being in the Red Phase for parts of November and December, the State of Nebraska has dropped down into the Yellow Phase of hospitalizations. This means that restrictions have been loosened statewide.

Governor Pete Ricketts says that this doesn’t mean that people can be lax in their efforts to slow the spread of the coronavirus. 

We still have the virus in the community. You still need to continue to practice all the rules we’ve been talking about with regard to the pandemic and slowing things down. But if we go into yellow that will, for example, allow for elective surgeries if hospitals can maintain ten percent of capacity. I know that’s an important point right as people have deductibles and people are trying to get those end of the year surgeries in. 

Fan attendance at extracurricular activities, both school and club, is no longer limited to household members of participants. Parties at restaurants and bars remain limited to groups of 8 or less. Individuals must still be seated unless ordering food, using the restroom, or playing games. Six feet of separation between groups returns to a guidance. The maximum capacity for indoor gatherings goes from 25% to 50%. Masks are recommended, rather than required, for establishments such as childcare centers, salons, barber shops, massage therapists, and body art studios.

Ricketts said if people plan on traveling for the holidays, they should get tested before they leave and get tested again when they come back. If people test positive they must isolate and follow their local health departments guidance.

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