Superintendent Jeff Schneider Says Students Learn Much Better in Person; Falling Behind Online

HASTINGS – At the most recent board meeting, the Hastings Public School Board discontinued e-learning for most students for the second semester. Superintendent Jeff Schneider recommended discontinuing it because he says a lot of students are falling behind.

They will allow students that have a medical condition or a doctor’s order to continue with e-learning. Schneider says that these students need to catch up.

Yea that’s exactly right, we’re seeing kids fall farther and farther behind. We’re already behind from last spring. The biggest thing was, we weren’t sure, in August, how this would go. We have a better feel now, for how this works. And we’re confident that we can have school. There’s no doubt in our mind that it’s best for kids to be in front of their teachers and not in front of a computer screen. 

They know there will be some cases at school but Schneider says that it hasn’t been so overwhelming that they can’t have school. He thinks they can keep it going in person and this is part of the reason they want the students who are e-learning to return.

He also points out that they are the only ESU 9 school offering e-learning and the other schools are doing fine without it.

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