Team Jack Statewide Radiothon Happening All Day on Thursday

ELWOOD – The 9th Annual Team Jack Statewide Radiothon will happen Thursday from 7am to 6pm and all of the proceeds from the event will benefit pediatric brain cancer research. They will be on twenty stations across Nebraska and online at their website.

Each day in the U.S., 13 kids are diagnosed with brain cancer and many that survive deal with lifelong side effects. Kylie Dockter, the Executive Director of the Team Jack Foundation, says that this is one of the most important days of the year for them. 

This is one of our marquee events every year and for us it’s just great because all of the stations, like yours, join in and you can’t put a price on the awareness either. Not only are we raising a lot of funds but we are also raising awareness about childhood brain cancer. 

It has been a tough year for the foundation due to Andy Hoffman, the Father of Jack Hoffman and the founder of the foundation, passed away due to a brain tumor and Dockter says that even through his diagnosis his priority was still spreading awareness of pediatric brain cancer and raising funds for research.

The foundation has raised over 9 million dollars since 2013 for that research. 

We’ll fund national research and basically it’s research to find better treatment and obviously one day a cure. We work with a lot of families in Nebraska and one of the things that typically you’ll see is that they may have survived a brain tumor but the deficits they have from the treatments last forever. So this is a real issue. Because brain cancer is the leading cause of cancer death in children. 

One of their priorities right now is to fund the creation of a brain tumor program at UNMC and Children’s Hospital in Omaha. Which will allow kids in Nebraska to get the best treatment possible without leaving the state.

Donations can be made by calling 855-786-5225 or online at TeamJackFoundation.Org.

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