The Governor Explains How Restrictions Might Change Based on Hospitalizations

LINCOLN – Governor Pete Ricketts recently said that if the coronavirus situation in Nebraska gets worse, then he may have to implement restrictions that were similar to the spring. He said that restrictions will change based on hospital capacity.

When this was announced, 20 percent of hospital beds in Nebraska were taken due to coronavirus patients. If the hospital capacity reaches 25 percent then inpatient elective surgeries will be postponed and other restrictions will be put in place to mitigate the spread of the virus and decrease the amount of hospitalizations.

He is continuing to urge Nebraskans to avoid the “Three Cs.” Avoid crowded places where you can’t social distance, avoid close contacts by adhering to social distancing or wearing a mask when that’s not possible, and avoid enclosed spaces with poor ventilation. He says people should avoid these “Three Cs” even when planning a Thanksgiving celebration. 

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