Today is Give Hastings Day

HASTINGS – Despite the pandemic, Give Hastings Day is still going strong today. Early giving has been going on since mid-April but the Hastings Community Foundation is hoping for a lot of donations today. There are 91 different non-profit organizations that you can donate to. You can donate online at You can also find information on all of the non-profits at that website as well. Dan Peters, the Executive Director of the Hastings Community Foundation, says that this year’s Give Hastings Day is different from past ones. 

We started this planning and preparation in a whole different time than what we are at now. We ultimately decided, a few months ago, alright we’re going to go ahead with May 7. We didn’t know what the response would be, we didn’t know what the world would like, we didn’t know what the results would. So here we are, gifts are coming in and we are so thrilled with the community response.

The ticker will be live for the first time today and there will be leaderboards on You can also drop off donations at the Heritage Bank building. They will be waiting outside and can take it straight from the car. Give Hastings Day will conclude at 11:59 tonight. 

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