Tri-Cities Walks to End Alzheimer’s Are Over; Fundraising Season Continues

GRAND ISLAND – Although the Kearney, Grand Island, and Hastings Walks to End Alzheimer’s are done, the fundraising season for the Alzheimer’s Association continues through the end of the year. The Grand Island walk raised $17,000 with 37 teams registered, the Kearney Walk raised $39,000 with 51 teams at a new location, Harmon Park, and the Hastings Walk raised $17,000 with 31 teams registered and Edward Jones hosting a golf tournament that raised over $8,000.

Cassie Bailey, of the Alzheimer’s Association, says that the walks are the signature fundraising event for them.

And what that means is that walk allows us to do all the amazing things that the organization does. We have support groups and education. A Lot of that has transitioned to virtual. It allows us to provide our helpline, which is staffed by licensed clinicians and masters level social workers. Research that is absolutely critical, as well as public policy. 

The fundraising season continues through the end of the year and a lot of teams are still doing different types of fundraisers. 

Whether it be cute pet contests or we had a team in Grand Island that did a cute grandkids contest. Those types of things are super easy to organize and they can be done virtually, which makes it easier. 

The association also takes donations and Bailey reminds people that November is Caregiver Awareness Month. More information about fundraising, donating, and the association itself can be found at

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