Two Big Construction Projects Coming to Adams Central Soon

HASTINGS – Adams Central Junior and Senior High School will have two major construction projects happening during the summer. They will be renovating their parking lot and the Nebraska Department of Transportation will be adding in a roundabout at the intersection of Highway 6 and Adams Central Avenue.

The parking lot renovation was bid out to Heartland Concrete and Construction for about $1.9 million. Both of these projects will have preliminary work begin towards the end of the school year. Superintendent Shawn Scott says it’s going to be important for everyone to be vigilant and pay attention when that construction is happening.  

Because there’s going to have to be some detours and inconveniences there with not only the parking lot but also the Highway 6 project. I keep telling people, short term headache, long term gain. We are going to have 3 or 4 months here of a headache this summer. But we’re going to have, at least for the schools parking lot, this going to be a 40-50 year project for us. It will last the life of the building. 

The parking lot has some drainage issues and also traffic issues that they want to solve with the renovation. The Adams Central School District has been on the sidelines for the decision with the roundabout and that decision came from the Nebraska Department of Transportation and the Department of Roads. They had been in talks, for quite a while, with both departments about making that intersection more safe.

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