Two Rivers Announces Mass Vaccination Event in Buffalo County

KEARNEY – Two Rivers Public Health Department is notifying residents within the district that the new COVID-19 vaccine from Johnson & Johnson (Jansen) was recently approved and is planned to arrive in their offices this week.  The Jansen vaccine, manufactured by Johnson & Johnson, is a one-dose shot with similar health and safety measures as the previous vaccines which utilize two doses.  

A mass vaccination clinic led by Two Rivers Public Health is planned for Friday, March 5, 2021, at the Viaero Event Center in Kearney.  Appointments will begin at 10 am and run through 5 pm.  All appointments will be scheduled to receive the vaccine.  To register for the vaccine list, please go to

Health Director Jeremy Eschliman stated his appreciation of all partners in the area who have worked so hard with the initial vaccines to get those doses administered to district residents. “We could not have reached as many people as we did in Buffalo County without the help of our terrific clinical partners such as Kearney Regional Medical Center, CHI Good Samaritan, Family Practice Associates, and Heartland Health Center.  We are tremendously grateful for their continued hard work and dedication to the residents of Two Rivers Public Health Department.”

In order to alleviate the burden that these partners have undertaken over the past few months, in addition to reducing disparities among district residents, Two Rivers has been able to coordinate a one-stop shop for upcoming clinics in Buffalo County so that the community partners can combine efforts to reduce current workload to return their focus to the continued excellent care of patients. Two Rivers Public Health Department would also like to thank the City of Kearney, Kearney Police Department, Kearney Public Schools, and the Viaero Event Center for the tremendous work on getting the vaccination clinics organized within a short timeframe. 

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