Two Rivers Public Health Department Updates Risk Dial to Orange

KEARNEY – Two Rivers Public Health updated the weekly risk dial on Thursday, August 18, 2021.  The risk dial did increase from the previous week, and is now into the orange “elevated” level of risk.  Staff will continue to monitor the situation closely and reporting may again increase depending on the level of risk.

  • In the week between June 16– 22, no new COVID cases were recorded in the seven-county area covered by Two Rivers Health District. In the week between August 10-16 (less than 2 months later), 150 cases were recorded across the district. 
  • Over 2/3rds of all positive cases in the past month were among residents less than 50 years of age. Adults less than 40 years (18-39 years) accounted for over 45% of all new cases in the past month. 
  • COVID-related hospitalizations account for 11% of Medical/ Surgical bed occupancy; 6 persons in hospitals across TRPHD are on a ventilator.
  • Contact tracing interviews are restricted by personnel shortages and shifting strategies. The inability to identify and notify potential contacts of a new COVID positive case hampers tracing and quarantine efforts. Limited public access to testing in the district creates additional barriers to effective case identification. 
  • As of Aug 17, 2021, 40.4% of TRPHD’s total population and 51.4% of the adult population (18+years) has been fully vaccinated across the district. In light of rising incidence rates connected to the newer delta variant, TRPHD strongly urges all unvaccinated vaccine-eligible residents to avail of the COVID vaccination through their healthcare provider, pharmacy or   
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