United Way and Hastings Community Foundation Trying to Help Organizations with Relief Fund

HASTINGS – The United Way and Hastings Community Foundation have started a coronavirus relief fund to help out organizations and nonprofits that are on the front lines against the pandemic. The United Way and Community Foundation have already donated $5,000 each to the fund. And with other donations they’ve received, their total is over $16,000.

Jodi Graves, the executive director of the United Way of South Central Nebraska, says that the money will mainly go to nonprofits in our community.

We know that they are doing the really hard work right now addressing the needs of the community. As we’re anticipating that this continues to evolve and people will be laid off and things like that, the nonprofits in our community are really going to be the ones that are going to be meeting those needs that people have. So we really need to keep them as stable organizations in our community. 

The money raised will be used to fund grant applications. They are looking for other people to donate if they can. You can donate online at unitedwayscne.org or you can mail the donation to the United Way which is located at 301 South Burlington.

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