United Way Helping Families and Children During the Holidays

HASTINGS – The United Way of South Central Nebraska helped many families and children during the Holiday season. Through their Toys for Tots and Adopt a Family programs they helped many local people with necessities and presents.

They served 450 kids through the Toys for Tots program and ensured those kids had toys under the tree for Christmas. Jodi Graves, the Executive Director of the United Way of South Central Nebraska, says that the Adopt a Family program is a lot more extensive. 

That one serves the entire family. And it does things like groceries, and clothes, and socks, and diapers, and immediate needs that those families have. Kleenexes, and just stuff that I probably take for granted, that I can go to WalMart and buy. But a lot of these families cannot.

They help out families that, because of unforeseen circumstances, wouldn’t have been able to have a  Christmas or Holiday. 46 families and companies stepped up to sponsor the families in need. Because of that program, one company ran a food drive to give food to those families that were struggling.

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