University of Nebraska President Ted Carter Talks Fall Semester

LINCOLN – The University of Nebraska President Ted Carter joined Governor Pete Ricketts at a press conference on Tuesday to talk about how the fall semester might look like at the university. He said that all though they are planning for in person education, there will be aspects that are done remotely.

They will make accommodations for any student of faculty member that is uncomfortable or unable to come to the school. They will be utilizing masks in the classroom and on campus. Carter also said they would make changes to accommodate for social distancing. 

We have a wide, spread out, main campus, east campus at UNL. Even our metropolitan campus at UNO, Omaha is fairly spread out. And, of course, Kearney is relatively spread out. We can take advantage of that. We’ll be de-densifying the dorm rooms, we’ll be de-densifying the classrooms. So a class that might normally have 40 students in it, now maybe they’ll only have 15-20 because they will be spread out. And we’ll be looking at space, where we do have extra space, to make sure we can do these things.

Carter said that he remains optimistic that they will be able to have a fall sports season. They also have plans if a student or staff member were to test positive for the coronavirus and contact tracing will be a big part of that plan. Carter said that specifics will be taken care of by the individual campuses.

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