UNK Mental Health Week This Week

KEARNEY – The University of Nebraska at Kearney is hosting a Mental Health Awareness Week all this week on campus. With raising rates of mental health concerns, they want to educate people and erase some of the stigma surrounding mental health through events and lectures.

They also want to promote recognition and want people, especially young people, to take care of their mental health. Dr. Krista Fritson, a professor of psychology at UNK, says that increasing awareness is an important task.

Biggest message is that we’re all working together in the Kearney area, and all of the areas. The tri-cities and the small towns to really increase awareness with our students, but also with the public school systems. And we have had lots of great collaborations with many campus entities, as well as those communities in trying to share resources and get the word out. Decrease stigma and increase awareness about mental health as a whole.  

Starting today, they’ll have events and panels throughout the week concerning mental health, mental wellbeing, and suicide prevention. They’ll also be handing out pamphlets and brochures concerning mental health on campus.

And all of these events are open to the public and they especially want students to attend. They’ll wrap things up on Friday with some closing ceremonies all afternoon at the student union.

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