Viaero Center, Tri City Storm Changes Majority Ownership

KEARNEY – The Tri City Storm and the Viaero Center have been sold. Kirk Brooks, former Majority Owner, announced that the events center and hockey team are now mostly owned by five people from Chicago. One of the owners is the general manager of the NHL Chicago Blackhawks, Stan Bowman.

Brooks says the hockey side of things shouldn’t change.

They wanted majority interest in the team, in which I sold them, so I’m a minority owner. I don’t expect things to change with the Tri-City Storm at all. I’m pretty much still calling the shots there. Who the coaches are going to be, things like that. Steve Lowe’s been with us a lot of years. He’s president of operations. And he handles all the drafts and different things like that. And recruiting of the players and the scouting. And none of that is going to change, I don’t expect to see any changes at all.

The Viaero Center has officially been sold as of June 1st but the team sale is pending approval from the USHL.

Brooks said there should be no hang ups on the sale of the team and that should go through at the USHL’s June 18th and 19th meetings in Vancouver, Canada.

Brooks will also maintain control of hockey operations for at least the next two years. He had been the sole owner of the team since 2009.

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